2 sleeeEEps to go – weather

Well, the signage is up! It’s official, it’s nearly here!!!! 🎪

Now… there has been a bit of rain across Yorkshire (*cough torrential*) and although this hasn’t dampened our spirits, we are planning for ground conditions to be wet.

Having said that, the forecast is looking good for the weekend and we are hoping that over the next couple of days, the ground dries a little. ☀️

So… what does this mean for you we hear you ask?!

Well, our stewarding team is already onsite putting all our contingency plans in place. Even the cows are helping us out, by graciously agreeing to share their concrete road with us. 🐄🐄🐄

Unfortunately, they are creatures of habit and won’t finish milking until half nine. Therefore, to allow time for the milking session to finish, we are rolling back the campsite opening time until 10am.



For all you lovely campers, please be aware you may not be able to park your car as close to your tent as we would have liked.

We may create a little car park in your field where you will be asked to park up and carry items to your pitch. This may be the best way to avoid people getting stuck if the ground is a little wet.

When you are packing, use lots of bags that you can easily carry and try to avoid any loose items.

As a LAST RESORT, we may have to tow live-in vehicles onto site depending on ground conditions.

Once onsite, please watch out for updates at the campsite reception.


We will do our best to make sure you have everything you need as close by as possible.

You are located very close to the main arena, however, as with everyone, the ground may not be as even as we hoped. Again, we are hopeful it will dry out a little but please take this into consideration.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Moira who will be on hand to make you feel at ease.



As you can see, we are working hard to respond to the weather, but there is one thing we need from you all, and that is your patience. Be prepared for queues when you arrive. Please give us chance to sort things and expect a little wait in your vehicles as we get you onsite.

Please consider your attire this weekend. There will inevitably be mud. Pack clothes that you are happy to get dirty and maybe bring some rough towels that you can use to wipe things down.

In places, the ground may be slippery and uneven, please bring suitable footwear.

When you go to leave the site, there may be a little delay as we try to get you off the field in a safe and timely manner. Again, we will do our best and would ask that you can be as patient as possible. If you have any queries, please speak to the campsite reception.

Other than that, we know you are going to have the best weekend with us. Please don’t think we are swimming over here in Cawthorne. We still have a stunning site, 2 beautifully dry covered stages and lots of amazing stalls, activities and crafts that are setting up as we speak. There is such a great vibe and the sun has just popped his head out. Delightful!

☀️🎪Drive carefully and see you lovely stargazers very sooOOon! 🎪☀️

UTSf HQ xxx

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