Walk the Lines – Storytelling

Mark Fraser The Storyteller returns! Enter the world of Author/Illustrator, Mark Fraser, who has been with us from the VERY BEGINNING! And each year he still captivates us all (yes, including the adults!!!) with his thrilling stories.Visit the story tent for original tales and traditional stories.

This year, there are very old fairy tales. Before the Grimm brothers and Disney got their greedy mitts on them, they were very different… stories of dragons, castles, fairies, wizards and ice cream.

At night, Jacob Cracker welcomes you to his dark parlour for stories of the weird, odd and slightly spooky. Not for the squeamish.

All of this PLUS the story of the Dance Underneath the Stars awaits you in the story tent…

Expect fun, laughter, amazement, disbelief and wonder at the fantastic story tent for Underneath the Stars 2022.