Street theatre

The most inspiring, wondrous and downright ridiculous talent you can imagine will be at our festival this year, and we cannot wait. Yes stargazers! Expect unpredictable unruly comedy, striking walkabouts & engaging storytelling.


The Bo Sisters are 21st century shepherdesses with a passion for knitting pure new wool. Through physical vignettes, The Bo Sisters weave, totter, knit and yarn  bomb, conversing with the public, in their quest to find their flock.


80’s PE Teachers, Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong are always firm but fair. They are on a mission to get the nation fit using only their enthusiasm. But wait, all change… they have transformed into prima ballerinas, Fifi Pavlova and Dame Margot Fondue, who will be bringing their passion for dance onto the streets. You won’t want to miss them, and unfortunately, you may have no choice! Come on now, star jumps everybody!


Often described as a ‘Comedy God’, Matt Barnard is a street performer who’s impossible to walk past. From Class to Glass is a comedy show in which the character changes from a skillful, sophisticated gentleman to a string vest-wearing yob sporting Union Jack shorts and complete with knotted handkerchief on his head. Intrigued?… We definitely are!



Hoops, hoops and more hoops!  Join Angie Mack on her hula hoop journey through the ages and across the globe, taking you from the giant 6ft hoop, all the way through to the multi-hooping human tower. This hooptastic interactive comedy street show is jam-packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music and a whole lot of heart.



With excessive enthusiasm and a slippery grip on reality, the Lollipop Patrol is here to help and hinder in equal measure.  These two are full of self-importance and will take any opportunity to escort an unsuspecting passer by or bring things to a standstill in order to form a safe walkway. They are the 64th emergency service holding up the luminous hand of the law. Experience their traffic-trauma, delight in their neon neurosis, and cross them at your peril!



Twin brothers Bob and Tom both love their fruit and veg, but how did one brother grow so tall? The answer lies in the special compost formula; if you are lucky they might share it with you. On their travels the boys help the balding to sprout hair, children to bloom and everyone else to a fun filled ‘5 a day’

If this has got hold of your curiousity, take a look at our new discovery space called Cosmic Curiosity.