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Day: Sunday

Dustbowl Revival

LA’s Dustbowl Revival has always been about pushing the boundaries of what American roots music can be. After celebrating over a decade of sonic adventuring, the group have a devoted fanbase from coast-to-coast in the US. An evolving group of string and brass players, their music is where folk and funk music meet. Joyful, booty-shaking soul songs and cut-to-heart folk-rock ballads, build around their voices, lifting audiences to form transcendent live shows. Over the years they have transitioned from a roots dance party band, to a nuanced ensemble embracing lushly cinematic, orchestrated set pieces and more soulful territory, without losing their original fire and continuing to thrive on the festival circuit. Their most recent album, Beside You, went to No 1 on the Amazon Americana Chart and the track, Got Over, has racked up over 7 million streams and counting online.