Day: Saturday

Saving Grace featuring Robert Plant & Suzi Dian

Saving Grace is a co-operative including Suzi Dian – vocals, Oli Jefferson – percussion, Tony Kelsey – mandolin, baritone and acoustic guitars, Robert Plant – vocals and Matt Worley – banjo, acoustic and baritone guitars, and cuatro.

“The opening track of Saving Grace’s set, ‘Undone In Sorrow’, illustrates perfectly the nature of the evening’s performance; the impact of sensitive arrangements and dynamics that can be produced when a talented cooperative congregate. Suzi Dian takes the lead vocal line with its euphonic quality resonating round this legendary venue, executing a steady yet emotive crescendo and diminuendo in unity with Robert Plant and the rest of the band.  These five musicians work in glorious harmony from start to finish reworking a selection of diverse cover versions that have been collected from various places creating a musical journey in its truest form. Robert eloquently delivers stories behind the choice of songs…tales of his accumulation of different musical styles, genres and techniques evidence of his ingrained desire to explore world music. The blend of Robert and Suzi’s voices was excellent and the use of three and four part harmony as chordal support in the instrumental sections was a joy to watch and to hear. These five musicians have produced a supreme ninety minutes of music with considered interpretations of others compositions, ensuring they present an innovative exploration of the songs whilst maintaining their true essence. Furthermore, this odyssey has been undertaken in the spirit of appreciation, musicianship, and exultation: they truly are a band of joy. “

Toni Woodward, Americana UK.