Hello all. We are sitting in front of this computer with our fingers hovering over the keys, not sure of the right words, but here goes… 

In such difficult times and all the uncertainty, it is hard to know what the right decision might be. Do we continue, do we not? Our festival runs at the beginning of August, which is just over 20 weeks away… 20 weeks… Is this far enough away to keep going? You can imagine all the thoughts running through our heads.

We have thought long and hard over the last few days and we have decided that for now, we will continue with our plans with the ‘hopefullest’ of hopes that we will be able to go ahead with the 2020 Underneath the Stars Festival. We take the safety and health of our wonderful guests, staff, volunteers, artists and community very seriously and will be assessing the situation daily with this foremost in our minds, taking into account updated government announcements.

You will also know by now that the events industry is in turmoil. We are terribly aware that there are a lot of futures on the line and businesses at risk. If at any point we cannot continue with UTSf2020, we will work chuffin hard to help support the folk involved in our festival who make it the incredibly magical event it is today; staff, crew, artists, traders, freelancers, the list goes on. If anyone needs to talk to us, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email, or; we are all in this together.

We also wanted to reassure you with what will happen if the festival does have to be postponed until next year. Well, rest assured, we will certainly be offering refunds and rollovers, and with this in mind, we hope you can continue to buy in confidence. One thing we will say is that… we are not going anywhere, if the festival is postponed, we will most definitely be back underneath the stars in 2021. So, if you can hold onto your ticket and use it for the following year, then that would be amazing, our little Yorkshire festival would really appreciate it. 

We can imagine how you are all feeling… we feel the same way. We will get through this together. Please know that you are all part of our UTSf family and we will always be here to support you. Let’s hope (and we mean close your eyes, cross everything you can and really, really hope) that in 20 weeks time, we are all back together again in our beautiful little pocket of Yorkshire.

Sending much love to you all… 

xx Emma and Pete xx

Directors, Underneath the Stars Festival CIC

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