1 AUGUST 2020 Yorkshire Day

Join us for the UTSF #stayhomefest 2020


What is

We simply couldn’t last a year without somehow coming together to create and share memories with our wonderful festival family. So, we have decided to make 1st August – also known as YORKSHIRE DAY, eeeEEEeep - a little special by asking you stargazers to join us in celebrating what would have been the Underneath the Stars festival with your own mini festival at home. #stayhomefest

We will also be having our own little festival in our back garden where we will be posting competitions, videos, and general merriment on the day for you to take part in. The day is about bringing people together as a UTSf community and having a lot of fun.

How to take part

It is really up to you how you wish to take part on the day. If you fancy going all out with bunting, decorations, a mini stage in your lounge or back garden, creating your own food station and entertainment, etc. then that is amazing and we would love to see that! If you simply fancy chilling out with your own playlist of music for the day, no stress, no worries, then that is perfectly ok too!

We have created a DIY festival pack for you to work from - really handy if you want to let your little nippers create the day for you.


As you can see below, we will be posting a festival map, the days schedule of activities and a spotify playlist closer to the festival day.

Whilst we cannot bring you together physically, we still want to dance, sing, laugh and lift spirits as a community, even if we are in many different places.

Please capture the daft bits, record the moments of brilliance, take pictures of your day and share the smiles that normally bring us together.

We cannot wait to see you all!



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