We will meet you ‘underneath the stars’ this year!

That’s right, we have come up with a plan! It is time to get the kettle on and prepare for this year’s Underneath the Stars Festival stargazers!

All kids, large and small, are invited to create their own UTS festival at home. If you can make it happen on Yorkshire Day (1st Aug) EVEN BETTER, as we will be joining you with hosting our own on Facebook and there may be some surprises for you on the day!

To celebrate, there will even be a Limited Edition 2020 T-Shirt that we will launch very soon!

Each week, we will catch up with yourselves (& our Kate) to share ideas. We have also created a UTSf DIY Festival Pack for your budding event planners wishing to design and build their own festival. You can download here…

Create your own UTS Festival DIY pack


Decorations! Yep, time to get that fairy lighting out of the loft! This is the fun bit!

Lots of bunting is needed. There are many YouTube videos to learn how to make traditional bunting, but why not try a new skill, like crocheting! Make beautifully crocheted bunting to decorate your event! We may even have a video from one of our very own talented UTSf family to give you a tutorial! Keep a look out on Facebook.

Try to be resouceful and recycle as much as possible. If you have an old bed sheet or ripped clothes, create flags and intergalatic props out of them to embellish your festival.

It’s time to get creative and remember to share your work by tagging @UnderneathTheStarsFestival on Facebook.

Entertainment and Activities

We are working on having exciting music videos to watch on the day, especially for UTSf 2020. Not to mention our super talented storyteller will be on hand with a selection of enticing tales to listen to.

We also plan on hosting workshops and craft sessions that you can do from home. We will let you know more in due course.

Check out our spotify playlist that you can listen to whilst working on your decorations!

This is something we are working on as we go. We have so many ideas of what to do on the day. But we also want to hear from you… Contact us on our social channels or email us at info@underthestarsfest.co.uk.

We’d LOVE to hear your ideas about how you would like to shape our festival this year. We need our UTS festival family more than ever!

We will also be compiling a 2020 Underneath the Stars Festival video so please do send us any pictures and videos of your event and be part of something special.

Eeeeeeepppp! We cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

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